Differences between mentalism and magic

Mentalism is a practice of manipulating people by understanding their psychology and reading their mind. The person who practices mentalism is called mentalist. A mentalist usually possesses more mental ability sixth sense than an average people. Apart from this, they also need to have some special skills through which they make people believe what they are doing is real. A mentalist can perform different types of magic which appear real and leave a strong effect on the people’s mind.

Although learning mentalism has indeed become an easier task to do because of things like mentalism courses, books, and the online resource of the internet. Still, becoming a mentalist is not an easy task. One has to learn different magic tricks and have to practice them for a long time so that ordinary people don’t find any kind of flaws in magic. It is important for the mentalist to know what they are doing and believing it they are doing the right things. Manipulating people is not that easy if you don’t have proper skill to do it.
There are different categories of mentalism. Some of the common mentalism categories are telepathy, mind control, hypnosis. Clairvoyance, and so on. Another most common type of mentalism technique is mind reading. With few actions and performance, the mentalist becomes able to find out what his/her audience is thinking. This gives an extreme advantage when trying to cold read or perform mentalism.


There is a huge difference between magic and mentalism. Many people mix up the two terms of magic and mentalism. Magic is different from the mentalism in many aspects. Magic is all about playing with the imagination of the audience. There is obviously different tricks are involved in magic but most of the magic may seem unreal. On the contrary, the mentalism is something different which the mentalist try to keep always real without involving any trickery. The audience of the mentalism starts to believe what the mentalist is doing is for real and any trickery must not involve there. However, there is not only tricks and magic on the mentalism but the mentalist also performs different types of mind game using the techniques of mind reading, illusion, and clairvoyance.

Many mentalists nowadays perform both magic tricks and the mentalism together. They have taken the mentalism to a whole new level of art. The magic a magician show is completely different than the magic which shown by the mentalist. The most interesting part of the mentalism is mind reading. The Mentalist has certain power and understanding to read people’s mind watching the different action of them. So, when anyone gets to know what they are thinking is not secret anymore, they are amazed and this is the beauty of the mentalism.

So, becoming a mentalist is not an easy task. If you have interest in the mentalism you will find different books and articles on the internet which will help you to know more info about mentalism.

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